Time Flies, So Do Trends

Time Flies, So Do Trends
Posted on 2023-01-01

It has been a while I penned something regarding interiors. My love for interiors hit the right note with my experience working for the high-end hotels in the world’s best shopping destination. The colours, the textures, patterns, shades and what not! From all the years of running behind the exquisite details and collections in the market, here’s what I have for you.

Never go blind by the trends, they change 

Just like many humans we see today; trends go bonkers and tend to change every season. You see the irony in them, don’t you? Bright and spacious one day, dull shades and crowded the other. You never know what is around the corner. But there are a few trends that come to stay for a very long time. Neutrals, solid wood and many more stay put and are defiant to change. Go by those lines and you will never have to spend much on your interiors when going for a makeover.

Don’t be shy, add some glitter

Going subtle with everything kills the spark of your home. Complete denial of glitz in your home is a red flag. One element in a corner can be, or rather should be, eye-catching. It could be a light fixture, a center table, a wall art or even the seaters. They all put together can look chaotic, but one in a space only adds elegance.

There’s definitely more in store for those who love interiors and for those who look forward to giving your space a makeover. Meet you all soon with my next interior tips dump!